Since 1977, thousands have learned from us the easy way!

Success favors the prepared. We will prepare you for this winter's fun with our proven approach to learning. Perfect For All Ability Levels!

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Learn to use your equipment in a warm, comfortable setting. Discover the basics of stopping, turning, and more in preparation for a fun day in the snow.

In the first lesson, beginners will become familiar with equipment, learn to stop, control speed, balance, edge control, and more by skiing or snowboarding, usually about 5-10 times, from the top to the bottom of our stationary carpeted slope.

In the second lesson, most beginners are ready to go onto the revolving carpet and further the skills they started to develop in the first lesson, AND learn to turn left and right.

Most people take the first two lessons together, as in the same hour, continuing on with the second lesson right after the first one. Each 25 minute lesson thereafter on our revolving carpet simulates a full day of exercise on the slope.


If you understand the basics of skiing or snowboarding, our lessons will help you develop the skills necessary to become more advanced. Learn to carve turns with a quiet upper body, which will help you to be more efficient, use less energy and have better control.


Experienced skiers and boarders will improve and fine-tune existing skills. Get a great work-out with exercises for bumps, steeps, powder and racing. Top racers use the revolving carpet to hone their edge sensitivity, improve muscle memory, and to develop "quick feet" for racing. Use the same specific muscles and motions as skiing and snowboarding.

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