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* Click here to read comments by kids and teenagers that took our lessons.

Below are comments made by adults, including seniors that took our lessons:

Name : Michael Gibbs

Date: 30-01-2001 17:06:17


Just wanted to let you know that we had another successful experience due largely to your lessons. But there is a better story to tell. We were planning my wife's first ski trip ever and I wanted her to really have fun instead of waisting the whole weekend taking lessons during our vacation. So obviously we took the lessons before hand and I thought that would be valuable money spent despite my friends telling me "no you don't need that" etc. We had a large group of people going and it was the wife of another friend of mine who was going for the first time as well. I was telling her about what Lara had done and thought it was a good idea for her too. She shrugged it off and said she would do the lessons up at the resort. And didn't want to spend the money. Hmmm....spend it now or spend it on the slopes? That didn't make sense but I digress. The day we got up there, I took Lars on the bunny slope and on the first run she said she was ready to hit the top with us. Obviously I was stoked to be able to gt up there quicker b/c I wanted to stay with her for her first experience but I didn't want to do that on the bunny slopes. We went on our way and my friend and his wife signed up for the group lessons on the bunny slope. Mind you he is an avid skiier and had been going for years. Mid way through the morning it looked like she was having a tough time. She was eating it pretty hard and she couldn't quite grasp the concept. You could hear her screaming up the mountain "This sport sucks!" "I hate this!" At lunch we actually ran into them in the lodge sitting on the deck baggin rays watching it all go by. Apparently she was done for the trip. She didn't want to try any more and her husband was stuck with her. There was no way he was coming with us and leaving her in that state of aggrevation. I thought to myself, why would you spend money for two on plane tickets, lodging, rentals, ski passes, lessons, food, etc and quit in the first half day?

Moral to the story: you aren't saving by skipping on the lessons early! Take them before you get there and enhance the experience.

Name : Heidi Olander


Comments : My two teenage boys took 2 lessons with Kent and his encouraging crew. They learned great basics in two lessons which proved to be enough to get them on intermediate runs our first ski trip to Lake Tahoe, Our trip was much more enjoyable having them with us for the day rather than in an all day ski school. I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking to learn to ski or snowboard. The teaching team is great and the one on one learning makes for a lot of learning in a short amount of time. Adventure Ski School is the best way to go! So happy to have found this company and benefit from their knowledge, we'll be back for snowboard lessons next! Thanks Kent and crew!

Name : Mike Milligan


Comments : My wife wanted to teach our kids to ski. I had never skied before and I'm 36 years old. We had a vacation planned to Breck. I went to Kent's school. I had 5 lessons in total. I really wanted to be as prepared as I could be when I got to Breck. I set up a group lesson on the snow. The guy I was paired with had a lesson with the same instructor the day before. This was my first time on snow. The instructor was shocked at how well I skied for the first time on snow. I knew how to start, stop, turn, avoid trees, little kids, etc...I went down mostly greens the first day, all blues the second day and did every blue run in Breck before the week was over. I couldn't have done it without Kent's school. I was much better than the guy they paired me with even though he had been on snow more than I had.

Name : Patricia Martin


Comments : I'm a 64 y/o uncoordinated female who had never been on down hill skis before. I took 2 lessons at a resort at $85 apice and all I learned was how to put on the boots. After lessons with Ken I now have so much fun I purchased a season pass for 2012 at Snow Valley and have been to Brian Head, Utah x3. I'm no Peekabo Street but I have found myself in better shape and looking foreward to every snow outing. At first the lessons seemed a little expensive but they were about 1/2 what a resort lesson would have cost and much more encompassing. Also by purchasing a ten-lesson package I was able to learn a full range of skiing skills and the confidence to go with them. The staff are just the best with unbelievable patience and constant encouragement. Each lesson was one-on-one and I was never pushed to go faster than my comfort level. I watched them work with people from 3yrs to 78 yrs in both skiing and snow board! ing and they never waivered in their thoroughness. What an amazing way to learn. I would recommend this method of learning and these people especially to anyone wanting to learn from the beginning or just "tune up" their skills. THese people are the best!

Name : Charlene Nash


I went skiing on 12/30/13 with my boss and Randy Bremer. Randy was speechless when he saw my form skiing. I think two things made a lot of difference this year. First, when I took the lesson with you, we spent some time with me skiing directly behind you making turns back and forth. I imitated your timing initiating turns going up and down, side to side. Imitating your movements in front of me sort was a sort of eye opener that my turns required different timing. Second, during my lesson with Derick, I made increased contact with my shins on the uphill boot – attempting to make parallel angles with both shins. Doing it over and over again in front of the mirror, I think that I made some improvements. These two things may have contributed to smoother, stronger turns and control that made Randy speechless. It also increased my speed … my boss couldn't believe how fast I was going – considering my little skis and light weight (relatively speaking of course). Well – that was " ay one" of hopefully many more days for this snowless winter. Where is the snow?

Name : Kay Richards


Comments : Thanks for getting me back on skis after breaking my leg 25 years ago. Derek's lessons were invaluable -- parallel turns came back so fast I could not believe it. You woke up a sleeping bear -- I'm ready to hit the slopes all season!

Name : Melissa Hendee


Comments : Thank you so much! I learned what it takes 5-10 yrs+ to learn in less than 2 hours and a day on the mountain. Now, after only 2 months of riding, I hit boxes, jibs, jumps, crazy pole jams, you name it. It all only seemed like yesterday I was learning how to just "go straight". My boyfriend even comments on how much better I am than some of his friends who have been riding their whole life! Thank you guys! Now I can keep up with my boyfriend and his friends whenever they hit the park!

Name : Jeff Moody


After 40 years of skiing I decided to try snow boarding. I took 2 lessons at Adventureski before getting on the snow. At Snow Summit they observed my skills and then placed me in level 3. For the afternoon lesson they placed me in level 4 and took us to the upper mountain. I believe that I advanced quickly due to the basic skills learned at Adventureski. I highly recommend taking a lesson at Adventure before trying it on the snow. Old Guys Rule!

Name : Carl Etter


I just got back from a very exciting ski trip to Deer Valley; although I have been skiing for years, the three lessons that I took prior to my trip really paid off--I skied with better coditioning and technique than ever before, and was able to ski longer, with less muscle soreness/fatigue, ski safer yet faster, and ski trials that I never would have attempted before. I didn't go down even once, and we skiied some incredible trials! It was the ski trip of a life time, and I was able to enjoy it more, using better ski control, and looked more like one of those ski magazine ads! If you are investing in ski equipment/ski adventures--you owe it to yourself to maximize your potential. I loved the lessons, but I really loved flying past everyone on the difficult slopes!

Name : Ben Johnson


I took a snowboarding trip to Mammoth one year and got nailed badly. After 5 lessons at Adventureski school I returned to Mammoth and had the best time ever. Everything I learned turned a bad trip into a good trip. Highly recomended.

Name : Laurence And Robert Gross


I just want to thank you for the snowboard lesson. Back in January 2009 my brother and I took 3 lessons on snowboarding and then went out to Mountain High to take advantage of the special that was offered. Those lessons help us and to ahead of the rest in the group lessons. After that we be snowboarding the So Cal mountains like we been snowboarding for a couple of years. We are heading out one last time to finish of the season. I have told my friends about the lessons and they can not believe how will we are able to snowboard for your first season of snowboarding. A Big Thank You and see you next season to learn how to ride switch.

Name : Laura Wilber

Date: Thursday, February 12, 2009, 12:33 PM


Safe, easy, fast learning curve with comfort - the carpet is the way to go. My first day on snow I was miles ahead of the first timers. They were clueless and struggling in a group lesson. I snowboarded around them with the necessary skills to teach myself. Thanks to all Adventure Employees.

Name : George Hahn

Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009, 3:58 PM


For years my skill level was low intermediate. I always struggled on the slopes and never felt like I could enjoy my time skiing. Adventrue Ski school was recommended to me as a way to improve my level. After a series of five classes my enjoyment level changed dramatically. The first time off the lift the intermediate slopes were no longer a challenge. I felt comfortable on the single black diamond slopes. The following day I began skiing the double black diamond slopes and having a blast. I highly recommend Adventure Ski school to anyone interested in learning to ski or interested in improving their skills.

Name : Jerry Craft

Date: Monday, December 22, 2008, 2:44 PM


53 years old, used to ski about 10 years ago, never better than intermediate. These lessons are great. First time at Mountain High I was coming down from the top of the East side on my toe side effortlessly. Get a 5 lesson package then head for the mountain. Can't express my thanks enough, much better instruction than you can get at the mountain.

Name : Tom

Date: Monday, October 27, 2008, 10:58 AM


The carpet is a great way to learn and practice. It amplifies your mistakes causing you to ski properly. It tones your muscles for skiing so when you do get to the slopes you can ski like you've already been doing it for a while. I've used the carpet to check the condition of my knee both before and after surgery before I spent my time and money going to the slopes. I'm recently back in SD for some meniscus cleanup surgery from an old injury. I used to carpet to determine whether I really wanted to go through with the surgery or not. I had the surgery and may use the carpet again before I leave to determine the success. I live in CO now and I love to ski all the time !

Name : Brian Fassett

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008


I just wanted to thank you guys for the time that you spent with me and allowing me to have a great season. I knew a little about snowboarding and had gone a couple of times but I decided to get some lessons. I first saw the revolving carpet at the SnowJam Expo and copied down the number. Long story short, I humbled myself and started from the very beginning and it was well worth it. I learned so much. I went for the 5 lesson plan and it was worth every penny. I also did a couple of practice sessions after going to the mountain a couple of times. I now am fully confident in my riding abilities and am heading down black diamond runs. I also can keep up and in some situations, do better than friends that have been boarding for 3 plus years! I'll definitely be back next season to take more lessons and go switch and be more versatile down the mountain! I've told everyone I know that wants to snowboard about Adventure Ski and how much it helped and fun it was! My girlfriend is also happy that she doesn't have to wait up for me anymore, but has to keep up with me. She wants to take some lessons too, to improve on her skills and go switch stance as well. Thank you guys so much! You are a blessing and have made me love snowboarding more than I thought I could!

Name : Basha Moss


Here I am again this year for my second season of skiing. Not the easiest of tasks to begin a new sport like skiing when you are past 50, but your lessons have made the learning curve much straighter for me. I went to Mammoth for the first time ever last weekend. Wow! I didn't take a lesson because their only group lessons for intermediate were all day and I didn't want to do that...and I didn't want to pay for a private lesson. I get those from Jeff! Well, I didn't have the nerve to go to the blue runs, but I was very comfortable on the green blacks. Happy to report that I didn't fall and I didn't take out any snowboarders, although they fall a lot and were all over the runs! I feel pretty good about my steering and stopping abilities and continually heard Jeff's voice in my head as I thought about form and the rhythm of going through the turns and changing direction. Even when I got to a steeper part and got going too fast and lost some control I had the confidence to k now that I could do it and I would regain control if I didn't panic! Those four pack and six pack lifts were interesting, as was getting stuck on one of them. :) One of my friends said that taking lessons on the carpet was not the same as on the snow. All I could think was, "They're better." I've done both and the individual input of an instructor skiing backwards in front of you and the knowledge that the "mountain" won't keep turning if you fall is worth is all. There is no sense going to the mountains, spending all that money, and not having a good time. I am very happy with having learned proper technique and form that I can now practice and build on. And it's fun! The lessons go by so quickly! Thanks for all of your wonderful, patient help. I shared some of Jeff's tidbits of wisdom with my friend and she said that she saw how my instruction at Adventure was advantageous. Keep up the good work- you are a wonderful societal contribution to skiers and snowboarders.

Name : Cortney


Before taking lessons at Adventure Ski School, I had never been on a snowboard. The lessons were amazing and taught me everything I needed to know before heading up to the mountains. My first experience in the snow was incredible, and I know that I would not have been as successful without these lessons. I highly recommend adventure ski to any first timer!

Name : Archie


I highly recommend taking lessons with Kent and his crew before your first day on the slopes. My daughters and I took three lessons before we skied over the Christmas break at Beaver Creek and it really paid off. Although it took about a half day to get used to skiing on snow, we all made rapid progress after that and did not waste valuable lift time learning the basics. By the time we finished our 5th day of skiing we all were comfortable enough to begin tackling the intermediate slopes. The conditioning we received by taking lessons on the moving carpet before our trip also was very helpful. None of us experienced anything other than mild soreness while we were skiing (we got all of that out of the way back in San Diego!).

Name : Dan Dehner


I took two lessons with Adventure Ski before I went to Big Bear for the first time. I had never gone skiing, but by the end of day two I went to the top of the mountain and rode intermediate slopes all the way down. I never thought I could pick it up that fast, and I am very grateful for Adventure Ski. Learning on the carpet is the only way to go, thanks guys!

Name : Kevin Jackson

Date: 3 Apr 2007


I highly recommend Adventure Ski to anyone going skiing or boarding for multiple days. After my session with Adventure Ski I not only improved my skiing ability but the carpet time helped me stay out on the slopes for longer than I usually would have. Thanks, Kevin Jackson

Name : Jan and William Davidian


January 2007 We found out for ourselves that lessons on the ski deck are more effective and a better value. My son took 3 snowboard lessons from Sean and I took 3 Ski lessons from Jeff and then we headed out for a week at Brian Head Utah. We tried out our skills to decide how many lessons we would need on the snow - the answer? None! We were on the slopes every day for a week going from beginner to intermediate runs. I never fell while skiing and my son (after those initial balance issues and those chairlift surprises) was able to surpass all of the "beginners" at Navajo Mountain. This is amazing because my son had taken a costly full day lesson on the slopes last year, and it was a total waste (he waited all day while a dozen kids picked themselves up constantly - no progress). Additionally, I had a bad accident 24 years ago when I last skied - yet I was confident on the new shaped skiis. My son can safely ride down most levels of terrain and my worries for him are much a llayed...yet I see many parents putting their kids on snowboards without lessons - we saw some very serious accidents. We took another lesson on the deck (at the same time together!) and then went to snow valley last week - we are really ripping now. We will be going to Keystone for the Mardi Gras snow festival. Thanks Kent and Jeff and Sean for making it all possible! I can't believe what a new dimension this has added to the family's fun together.

Name : Basha Moss

Date: 25 Jan 2007 23:56:59


I miss you guys, so much! Last weekend was the first weekend that I hadn't "skied" in 10 weeks! Thank you so much for all of your patience and excellent instruction. You all really know your stuff. After two bad experiences on the snow many years ago, I decided to try again. (Stubborn as I can be.) 10 lessons and a day on Big Bear Mountain later, I have the confidence to be able to make turns and stop on the beginner runs and to do a fair job on the intermediate runs. The private lesson I took on the snow would never have prepared me the way my carpet lessons did. In fact I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know, except for poles and the chairlift! Kent, you are indeed an expert in your field and your young staff is professional beyond their years. Many thanks to Jeff, who put up with me for many weeks. I would recommend carpet lessons to anyone wanting to learn to ski or snowboard or who wants to improve. Well worth every penny. We all know that these are expensive sports and it's no fun to pay all of the money to go to the slopes and have a bad day. I hope to see you again for more lessons!

Name : Mike Ross


I am a double leg amputee. Every few years when I make new ski legs, I go to Adventure Ski and spend a few minutes with Kent getting the alignment correct. Thanks alot Kent

Name : Kelly and Morgan

Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 22:50:10 -0500 (EST)


The crew at Adventure Ski, Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. After your lessons I was able to snowboard down the slopes with confidence and control, and bonus - no falling. My 6 year old daughter Morgan had a blast skiing for the first time and did awesome. I would highly recommend your school for anybody who wants to learn or freshen up before hitting the slopes. You guys made our trip to Mammoth soo much more fun and enjoyable. Thanks again, Kelly and Morgan.

Name : Danny R. Oca

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:43:34 -0500 (EST)


Kent, I snowboarded the next day at Big Bear. The lesson the day before going allowed me to go on a few runs. Conversing w/ people on the chairlifts, some of the folks couldn't believe I was a "day oner" on a snowboard. Kudos to you folks there at Adventure Ski! Thanks for the great lesson. Danny O.

Name : Jennifer Harris

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 21:35:39 -0500 (EST)


I am a 47 year old woman who has never skied. My kids and I took one carpet ramp lesson, and one private lesson in Big Bear before hitting the Bunny Slopes. Of the two lessons, the carpet ramp lesson was by far the most valuable in terms of preparing us for what to expect, and how to handle this new sport. Kent is an instructor who can readily identify a problem, and quickly put a solution to it. I have graduated to the intermediate slopes, and am experiencing a problem with my right turns, and resulting knee discomfort. The first thing I thought of was Kent, and how he will be able to help me out of this situation.I will go back to the carpet ramp again.....Kent is a valuable resource for those who want to begin, or continue to master snow sports.

Name : Grandma Linda

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 18:50:30 -0500 (EST)


I am 61 & haven't skied in over 30 yrs. I was invited to spend a week in Mammoth & figured I better take some quick refresher lessons. I took 3 lessons & quickly gained enough confidence & techniques to feel good about skiing again. Well, gosh, guys....I had a ball skiing, albeit for just a few hours. I was doing soooo well and managed the lifts with no trouble. All went went well until that turn I made and probably touched the edge of my skiis. Could have happened to anyone. Without your instruction, I know I wouldn't have had the courage and self esteem that I did. Believe me, it's not your fault that I fell....your instruction was excellent and I'd recommend you to anyone. I can't say enough good things about the quality of the instruction, the personal attention & the equipment and I also highly recommend this school. I can't wait to go back again! Linda

Name : Shannon Larson

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 00:06:58 -0500 (EST)


Just wanted to say thanks. I had tried snowboarding and found it difficult. After a few lessons at your facility in Encinitas I went back to the snow and had a blast. Needless to say, I would recommend you to anyone considering trying to snowboard. I only wish that I had taken the lessons before my initial attempt, it would have saved me a few bruises. Thanks agai. Shannon

Name : Jean Cory


My first snowboarding memory is a lot of falling on my backside, getting soaked, cold and in pain. For my nephew's first trip, I wanted something different, so I set him up with two lessons at Adventure Ski. The next day, his first time on the snow, he had a group lesson. He was the star of the class. The teacher said she had never seen a beginner link turns before!

Name : Karyn Womach

Date: 06-01-2004


To prepare for our trip to Mammoth,
we sent our three year old son to Adventure Ski for lessons and it was so worth it. He took 5 lessons on the carpet and headed to the mountain. After his first lesson on the snow he was ready for the chairlift!!! He can turn and stop all under control. When I ask him about skiing he says "Its great!"

I also took 6 snowboard lessons - and after my first half run was able to go down the mountain in control. On the second day I started linking some turns. Thanks for helping to make our first skiing experience with our young son a great one!!!!!!!!! Karyn

Name : Hillary Jones

Date: 27-12-2003 23:39:23


Hi guys!
Last April I tried snowboarding for the first time with a group. I never really got it. I needed someone to teach me one on one. Then my mom suggested Hansen's. You all gave me one on one counsel and helped me a lot. I did really great! I'm glad I came to you guys before I hit the slopes at Mammoth. I went down the mountain many times. Everything you taught me about snowboarding I remembered: to keep my shoulders back, look forward, how to do the "c" turns, and just to keep my balance. I remembered all of this and I was able to go down the mountain toeside and not fall down. I remember crying last April when I tried. The magic carpet helped so much. I would recommend anybody to go to Hansen's instead of taking those stupid group lessons at the mountains. I had a blast snowboarding at Mammoth! My dad loved that I got it. I was able to snowboard with my dad and my sister. My mom skis on the bunny slopes. Thanks again!

The only thing I never got the hang of was getting off the ski lift. Oh, well! I'll get the hang of it sometime. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name : Laura Wright

Date: 17-12-2003 13:51:15


Kent & Dave,
Thank you so much for the snowboard lessons. I though I would never learn to link turns or even feel comfortable \"toeside\". I just got back from Lake Tahoe and I had a blast carving down the mountain with ease! I couldn\'t have done it with out you. The magic carpet rocks!!

Name : Brad Saenz

Date: 05-03-2003 18:05:17


This is the best place to learn ski or snowboarding. After a few lessons I could outrun my fiends who learned on the slopes.

Name : Stephanie

Date: 15-02-2003 17:21:20


Thank you so much for all of your help. I was actually an intermediate after only 2 lessons. Also to David, if it weren't for you I don't think I would have had as much fun. I would be minus a smile and plus a couple hundered bruises. Keep up the awesome job!!

Name : Aki Savage

Date: 14-03-2001 11:17:56



I just wanted you to know I just got back from a 5 day trip to Mammoth with my friends. We had one day of about 2 feet of powder another with about 8 inches and 3 days of mid 40*s. I took a lesson with your ski school on snowboarding last Sunday. Your 1 hour class allowed myself and my wife to take one run down a beginner run, and after that it was off to solitude, dropout and a lot of tree runs. The learning curve on the snowboard was quick. The things I learned in your class I was able to transfer over into my first day on the mountain. I spent 5 awesome days from the midchalet on up while at Mammoth. I wanted to thank you for your help. I saw others taking a class that was covering the things that I had learned. I was glad I was able to spend my time taking runs instead of a half day class with 10 to 20 other people. I will pass along any info I can give my friends and I would definitely recommend your ski school.

Aki Aki Savage
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Name : Cindy, Jon, and Carrie Carr

Date: 10-03-2001 09:14:02


Thanks to Adventure Ski School, Jon has learned to ski at 50! It's all he wants to do now. We skiied in Vermont for Christmas and have skiied nearly every weekend since then locally. Thanks Kent.

Name : Kathy Altman

Date: 22-12-2001 21:25:48


6 years ago our older son convinced us to try skiing on a revolving carpet prior to a Thanksgiving trip to Big Bear! Originally we had no intention of skiing, just playing in the snow if there was any!

We fell in love with skiing at our first lesson and completed a 4-5 lesson session along with our younger son who was 10. Our older son and his wife took a snowboarding lesson at this time.

That year Big Bear had a blizzard at Thanksgiving with 15" of fresh powder...let me tell you, our first time on real snow was definitely an ADVENTUREOUS SKI trip!

In the last 6 years our family has grown and as the kids got old enough to ski, we took them to Kent knowing this was a very positive & safe way to get them started. 3 out of 5 grandchildren ski, and we hope this year to get the 3 year old up on ski's.

My younger son has switched to snowboarding and one of my grandson's is dying to switch also! I'm sure we'll have him on THE CARPET and snowboarding by the end of the season!

Last year my daughter and her husband with their 2 children went skiing with us for the first time...all had trained at Adventure Ski and returned again this year to GET THEIR SKI LEGS BACK IN SHAPE and remember what to do!

We head out on Monday to Mammoth for what has become our annual family holiday ski ADVENTURE and thanks to Kent and Adventure Ski instructors, all 3 generations feel confident and excited to be heading for the slopes again!

I'm sure the 4th generation will learn to ski at ADVENTURE SKI if Kent is still there when that time comes!

Thanks Kent for keeping us all in great shape for the's a wonderful sport for the whole family to enjoy together and we look forward each year to getting ready for the season with our lessons at ADVENTURE SKI!



Name : Barbara Nyland

Date: 16-02-2002 21:13:23


On New Years Eve 2001, I tried snowboarding for the first time. I took a group lesson on the mountain then was on my own. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get the hang of it. I fell soooooo many times and my wrists hurt so badly that I quit early.

Being the competitive, athletic (and, perhaps, stubborn) woman that I am, I decided to try it again 2 weeks later. This time, I took a more aggressive approach - trying to turn and increasing my speed, to no avail. In fact, I had fallen so often and so hard that at one point I sat on the mountain and cried - all before lunch. Needless to say, I was VERY disappointed with the sport.

A few weeks later, after my body recovered, I was determined to try it again, but not without a taking lesson first. I saw the ad for Adventure Ski and immediately signed up for 2 lessons. My instructor, Cecilia, was AWESOME. She allowed me to correct my mistakes (which was everything I was doing) in a pleasant and fun manner. I was able to get the feel of snowboarding without the pain and frustration of falling every 5 feet. I left feeling excited even more determined.

I went up to Big Bear 3 days later and, WOW, what a difference. Every time I would fall - which was not very often - I would think about Cecilia's advise. I started on the beginner runs, but moved up to the intermediates before lunch. Not only could I go fast, but I could turn!!!!! Yippee.

Thanks, Adventure Ski, for showing me the way.

Name : Pam Brooks - Poway

Date: 29-09-2001 15:27:43


Hi Fellow Skiers,
Over ten years ago, I had taken some lessons and practice sessions with a friend with Kent (Adventure S & SS). My friend was a new skier and I wanted to get my basic skills up before going to Mammoth for a long weekend. We had a lot of fun and my legs were back into shape before that ski weekend. 
This last year,we planned a ski club trip with 30 other people to France in Feb. '01. I called Kent and enrolled into lessons mid Dec. Kent matched the right insturctor for my individual needs. 
So now, I wanted to let your all know what a great time I had getting back on track with my skiing for last year. I'm a 50+ year old woman who loves to ski, but not fast. I want lots of control and I hadn't skied much for a few years. This time, I took a month's worth of lessons and some practice sessions on the carpet on my own after that. I had fun watching all ages of people learning or improving on their skills for skiing and snowboarding before and after my sessions. 
I'm writing this because I hope if you're in need of any kind of tune-up on skis or you want to learn or practice skiing or snowboarding this is a fun and great place to do it before you put on the ski clothes and get to the snow. The workout is heavy duty;my knees felt like I had skied for the entire day after the first couple sessions. On our vaction in Feb., I felt much more relaxed having my lessons and practice behind me. TRY, Adventure SKi & Snowboarding School, YOU'LL LIKE IT. I'm coming back this year for sure. Enjoy, Pam

Name : Larry & Matthew Pierce

Date: 30-01-2001 22:43:02


Thank you for your patient instruction and excellent lessons at Adventure Ski and Snowboard School. This is the perfect place to learn how to snowboard. My son & I took the lessons 6 years ago and still remember the great time we had learning from you. We have been snowboarding ever since and averaging at least 15 days a season. We owe it all to you. We higly recommend your facility to anyone who asks, "How can they learn to snowboard". We hope to see you on the slopes.


Name : Sam Morishima

Date: 25-11-2000 23:13:24


The "Endless Slope" is by far the best teaching program for skiing and snowboarding that I have ever experienced. Not only does it accelerate the development of one's skiing and snowboarding capabilities but it is so enjoyable since you are actually skiing and snowboarding on it with real skis and snowboards. 

From the first time I was humbled by the "Endless Slope" as it would not tolerate any of my bad habits to my over 10 years of using it I still continue to be challenged by it. 

Skiing now for over 35 years on snow I can truely say that Skiing on the "Endless Slope is the best way to break through any stagnation in improvement.

The "Endless Slope" will fine tune your balance, edging, presure control and steering so that advancement in your skiing and/or snowboarding through moguls, powder and steeps will come easily.

For snowboarding the "Endless Slope" has accelerated my boarding so much that I crammed three years or more of boarding into one season.

If you do one thing to help improve your skiing and/or boarding this year make it on the "Endless Slope". 

I want to personally thank Kent Bry for introducing me to the "Endless Slope" as well as personally teaching me and my family how to really ski.

I love the "Endless Slope" so much I now have one in my garage and can ski and snowboard year around. So if you don't have one of your own then Adventure ski and snowboard school is where I recommend you go to be the best you can be at skiing and/or snowboarding. It has done wonders for me and my family and I am sure it will do the same for you.

If your in the Sacramento area and want to get some "deck time in contact Adventure Ski and Snowboard School to get my number, I am sure Kent won't mind giving it out.

Have a great endless winter!

Name : Roy Hopkins

Date: 06-10-2000 07:43:23


I tried the deck back in 1981 and I have have never needed a lesson at the slopes. I would describe myself now as an expert. I went on to become a member of the National Ski Patrol and probably would have never even tried skiing if I had not first been instructed on the deck. Thanks Kent, I am pleased that you are still helping others the way that you helped me.

Name : Michael Nylatron Scanlon

Date: 23-08-2000 12:45:18


The "Deck" is a consistent way to learn, awesome pre-season edge, and always fun! It was well worth the trip from San Jose for time on the slope. A virtual Endless Winter :-)

Below are comments made by parents of children and teens that took our lessons:

Name : Iris Pearlman

Date: January 2008


We had a FABULOUS week in Vail and I just wanted to thank you all at Adventure Ski School! All four of our children improved IMMENSELY!! In particular, my four year old, Talia, who had never skied on snow before, was skiing down the mountain like she had been doing it forever. When her instructor met me after her first class, she said, Talia was the youngest child in the class, (all the other kids were 5 and 6), and she was by far the best! They bumped her up to the next level. Every day thereafter this continued and they said the same thing, "she was the best in the class, she's moving up another level!" It was really such a pleasure and a joy to see her beaming with happiness. Our youngest son Jake, also moved up quickly and had such confidence on the hill. Our older sons skied and snowboarded with us down black diamond runs which they had never done before. My husband and I kept saying to each other, "this is what we've been waiting for!" To be able to ski with the entire family and everyone have a great experience is priceless! We can't thank you and your fabulous instructors enough for all the training they provided!

Name : Kathleen and Don Balch

Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006


This is the only way to go if you are considering learning the sport for the first time! Last season, our 13 yr old daughter Nicolette transitioned to snowboarding after several years of skiing. We invested in a 10 lesson program and then followed up with numerous practice sessions with Kent and his great staff (especially Jeff and Sean!) It was WELL WORTH every penny we spent! We highly recommend spending the money in the comfort and warmth of Encinitas rather than have your child or yourself suffer on the snow through a difficult learning period. The confidence your child gains by learning on the carpet first is priceless! Nicolette is now a very proficient snowboarder, and was so after only a couple of days on the slopes. We've just returned from another ski/boarding trip to Big Bear and we owe a huge THANK YOU to KENT, SEAN and JEFF for all of the great instruction she received! You guys are the best! We'll see you all soon!

AND if you don't think its too many, I'd like this one added also:

Name : Stephen Mann, DDS


Adventure Ski & Snowboarding is THE way to learn to ski and snowboard. All five of my sons took lessons on the ski slopes and all took much longer to learn to ski/board on the snow. They all told me that learning on the "magic carpet" was much better because they were not distracted by the cold, wind, and other students not keeping up with the group. They could just get the technique down, have fun and by the time they were on the real mountain, felt much better prepared as well as not feeling like they "wasted" their day in ski school on their vacation time. Time and money well spent at Adventure Ski and Snowboard School!

Name :Charlie Garrison


Comments : My 13 year old son,Mason, had never been on snow before. He took 9 snowboarding lessons on the carpet and then went to Mountain High with an experienced snowboarder friend. I arranged for them to have semi-private lessons during their first 3 hours on the slopes. The instructor was amazed at how quickly Mason advanced and said that he went from a level 1 to a level 3 during this first time experience on the slopes. Both Mason and his friend had a blast and I remain very grateful for Adventure Snowboard School for having provided my son such a strong and comprehensive snowboard preparation before going on the snow. Now he has the strong potential of having a life-long sport to safely enjoy. Well done Adventure Ski!

Name : Debbie Resler


Neither of our 2 sons had skied before, and we had them each take a series of 3 lessons. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny! When we took them to the snow a week or so later, they were both comfortable and confident and ready to ski. They kept zipping down the slopes (green) and coming back for more. This was true even for our son who usually approaches activities like this with a lot more caution. Seeing him so excited and ready (and capable!) for the snow - that told us just how worthwhile his lessons on the carpet really were. We're planning another, longer trip this winter, and are taking the boys for a single refresher lesson before our trip. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adventure Ski to anyone!!

Name : Carlette Ottman


My son enjoyed skiing, but when he decided to snow board he had lessons at Adventure ski and Snowboard School. He seemed so much more confident his first time out on a snowboard at Big Bear, and was soon snowboarding with his more experienced friends. I think his lessons made the difference, especially after watching other first time snowboarders. Hunter seemed so much more confident and at ease. Thank you.

Name : Jean Cory


My first snowboarding memory is a lot of falling on my backside, getting soaked, cold and in pain. For my nephew's first trip, I wanted something different, so I set him up with two lessons at Adventure Ski. The next day, his first time on the snow, he had a group lesson. He was the star of the class. The teacher said she had never seen a beginner link turns before!

Name : Laura and Roland Saenz


Our daughter has taken all day ski school for three years. She enjoys it, but still couldn't ski more than three feet without falling. Last year we did three lessons with Adventure Ski and the next trip, she was skiing down the bunny slopes! It really gave her the confidence of how it feels to ski down a hill. I would, and have recommended the school to our friends.

Name : Kimberly Malz


Thank you for teaching me how to ski. I have been going to Snow Summit. I can ski down intermediate runs after only sking for 2 months, not bad for a 9 year old. Without your lessons I would not be this advanced in my sking. I loved taking the carpet lessons, it really helped me. Thank You Kimberly

Name : Nikki Cochran

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 16:52:59 -0500 (EST)


My 4 year old daughter took 3 lessons last winter just before a family trip to Big Bear. We supplimented her training with a one hour private lesson on our first day skiing. She had a tremendous time on the slopes and was able to turn and control her speed. I\'ve signed her up for 3 more lessons in preparation for a trip to Tahoe.

Name : Mel Santos

Date: Wed, 25-02-2004 12:33:00 -0500 (EST)


Kent, I WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH! My son Derek had the confidence and just had a blast snowboarding at Lake Tahoe. Thanks to your patience, professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and humor Derek now has the confidence to want to go again and again. He even wants a new board now. As a parent seeing his smile on the slopes, all I said was \"PRICELESS\" Thanks Kent and your staff! I highly recommend to anyone to enroll in Adventure Ski & Snowboard school before hitting the slopes. Take Care Mel Santos.

Name : Marnie and Zane

Date: Mon, 23-02-2004 18:59:03 EST


Zane and I had a great time in Mammoth. The lessons really helped me a lot. I am injury free and was confident snowboarding all over the mountain. Zane said it helped him as well. He was able to do some of the smaller jumps and we both did the small half pipe. My turning really improved and I practiced all the skills I learned at adventure ski school. Zane is really a good snowboarder. I wind down the mountain and he races in a straight line. We were both very confident to snowboard on all intermediate and advance intermediate runs. It snowed the entire time we were there and there was no wind. Just powder.
Marnie and Zane

Name : Lorie Heard Guba

Date: 17-09-2000 09:35:10


Our daughter received a Gift Certificate to Adventure Ski from Gramma & Grampa last Christmas. After those lessons, she was able to snow board as soon as we arrived in Utah and she continued the entire week without further instruction. Thanks, Adventure Ski!

Name : Lucinda

Date: 12-02-2002 14:00:56


I recommend this to any parent of young children before going to the snow. My 5 year boy who had skied for 2 years asked to start snowboarding this year. He had 4 lessons at Adventure before going to the snow in January. He has great balance and control thanks to Adventure. He has alot of fun going down the slopes and I get many comments on how good he is.

Name : michelle Alyssa

Date: 03-03-2001 08:37:04


Michelle took lessons with instructor Kent Bry. After just one lesson Michelle was off on the blue squares with confiedence.
Michelle was leading the pack.
It was hard to stop her willingness
to go down the black diamonds!!
Although michelle's friends who did not have lessons on the carpet
were not as prepared and confident.
Only a few short lessons paid off.
Michelle would like to thank all 
the instructors at ADVENTURE SKI SCHOOL.

Name : John H. Mishalanie

Date: 02-12-2000 08:52:33


Kent Bry at Adventure Ski Scholl taught both of my daughters to ski in less than 2 visits.
When we arrived at the slopes, the girls were ready to go. They moved right up to the intermediate runs and had the skill and confidence they needed to have a great time on the slopes and a great vacation. I would truly recommend this process and Kent to anyone looking to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. He is the most well balanced teacher we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Adventure Ski School is by far the best way to go.

Below are comments by kids and teenagers that took our lessons:

Name : Riley Folk(Age 10)


Adventure Ski school Rocks! I took two lessons last season and now this season I can do jumps, rails and boxes and go super fast! I am faster than all my friends and they have been snowboarding longer than me. If you want to learn how to snowboard, come here. You'll really like it!

Name : Jake Mumma (Age 14)

Date: 05-01-2004


Hey Kent and staff,
I went to Snow Summit 2 days ago and after taking 3 lesons on the revolving carpet, I could actually ski almost any slope there and didn't have to stay with my friends on the bunny slopes.

Name : Mieu

Date: Thu, 05-02-2004 18:32:49 -0500 (EST)


Hello everyone, I just want to say this is the best place to learn how to ski or snowboard. Thanks to you guys, I quickly became a really good snowboarder, and a really good skier, too! Now I just love going to the rolling carpet to practice.
THIS SCHOOL ROCKS...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Well, I just wanted to say that you saved me alot of money and time. Thank you soooo much. Now I can have fun at the snow with my family.

Name : Jonathan Mattson

Date: 25-09-2002 10:49:05


hey kent,
hows it going?this is Jon Mattson I took lesson back when I was 13 or 14, and Its been my dream to be a pro snowboarder,I am now 16 and I have a deep passion for the sport, I am now sponsored, and I dont think I could have done it in this amount of time w/ out taking the lessons, thank you, and I support adventure 110%

Name : Devin Hankard

Date: 31-12-2000 14:00:08


I wanted to write you and tell you how much I learned at your school. Snowboarding is a blast when you don't fall down all the time. Patrick and I were able to board all day and we smoked all the other kids. Your lessons really helped, they were so much better than the ones we took on the mountain. With you we really learned how to turn and stop and most of all, we learned enough so that we could have fun.
Thanks again for all your help and encouragement. I can't wait to see you again.

Name : Jonathan Mattson

Date: 01-08-2000 23:36:02


adventure ski and snowboard school is the perfect place to learn to be a skilled boarder, I took the lessons and then me and my brother went snowboarding.
It was the first time for both of us and there were other beginners to, I was passing all of them up they where all falling I was speeding down the hill have the time of my life.



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